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Safe and Legit Faceit accounts Seller. You will not get banned or scammed using our accounts.

Buy Faceit Account Level 10 from be-pro. There is no need to worry about the future of the purchased account because the accounts are made directly by the be-pro team.

Faceit Accounts in Stock

If you need an account, but it is not available, contact the operator in a chat (bottom right corner of the site). We have the account you need.

Process of buying an account:

After making a payment you will automatically get an access to the downloadable file with the following details:

Steam: Login + Password
Faceit: Login + Password
Email: Login + Password (the first ever email connected to Steam account, with first email confirmation in your inbox)

After getting the file you should check and change all the passwords. You could also change email address that is connected to Steam and Faceit accounts, also you will be able to connected Steam Guard if needed.

If something is not cleat for you or something went wrong contact our operator through the website chat. In case, for example: password does not fit, the data in the description is wrong etc.


Accounts that we sale are created by our team of boosters with safety rules. Before putting account for sale we wait certain amount of time, to make sure account has no active reports neither any suspicions of multiple accounts. To have a guarantee of not getting banned for multiple accounts, you can temporarily disable your main Faceit account. We also recommend reinstalling Faceit AntiCheat. Contact our operator through the website chat for more information and recommendations.

The most popular reason to do it is when you want to try to play on 10 lvl without fear of losing elo. However, we recommend using our service ‘Faceit boost’, which allows you to get higher elo on your own main account.

No. Because we sell accounts that are created only by our team, third party members never had access to them. You always get access to first ever email connected to Steam account (with first email confirmation in your inbox).

No. To do this you will need to have access to the email that was originally connected to Steam account. After buying account you will be the only person that will have access to it.

We are connected to European system of verified reviews. After the customer’s order is done, he receives an email from TrustPilot system with an opportunity to leave a review, which cannot be edited or deleted by us. Those orders have status ‘Verified’. You can see them on TrustPilot’s website and make sure there is no negative reviews.

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