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Verified Faceit Account Level 9 (1,908 Elo | 1.3+ K/D | 57% Winrate): 257 matches

Faceit Level: 9
Faceit Current Elo: 1,908
Faceit matches: 257
Faceit Win Rate: 57%
Faceit was registered:  March, 2023
Steam was registered: October, 2022
Faceit ID verification: ✓ Verified
Longest Win Streak: 9
K/D Ratio (average) : 1.3+
VAC / Trade / Community Banned: None
Region: Free

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You will recieve the following:

  1. Steam Username &  Password
  2. Faceit Username & Password
  3. E-mail Adress & Password

Instant Delivery Enabled!

Buyers will receive links to download their Digital Product(Logins).

All accounts have disabled steam guard, you can instantly connect to account and add your phone, change email and anything you want.

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